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Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is a worldwide Catholic lay apostolate dedicated to personal sanctification and evangelization of people. It is the only Catholic organization in Communist China that exists today. Evangelization consists of weekly assignment given by the president or the spiritual director.

The Legion of Mary started in Dublin, Ireland September 7, 1921. Herb Clemens organized the Legion at St. Victor's on April 25, 1977. Fr. Wong was the first spiritual director. Under his direction the Legion undertook the work of parish census. The Legion has increased its apostolic work extensively since its origin. The Legion works under the guidance of spiritual director (when available) to extend the knowledge and presence of Christ to all. Every possible effort is used to reach souls. A Legionary is always on duty to be an apostle for the Lord.

Duties of the Active Members:

    1. Attendance at a weekly meeting
    2. Daily recitation of the Legion prayer (catena)
    3. The performance of a substantial assigned apostolic work weekly: door to door visitation, visit to hospitals -Alexian Brothers & Agnews hospitals, visit to convalescent homes, communion to the sick (Book Barron), apostolate to the crowd
    4. Pray the rosary, read Scriptures and sing hymns

            The goals of the Legion of Mary are:

    1. increase the personal holiness of its members through the imitation of the virtues of Mary.
    2. foster a deeper devotion to Mary among the people
    3. undertake various apostolic work

Membership in the Legion of Mary:

Any practicing Catholic in good standing may belong to the Legion. There are two categories of members:

    1. Active - explained above
    2. Auxiliary:
    1. Daily recitation of the Rosary for the intentions of our Blessed Mother
    2. Daily recitation of the Legion prayers found in the Tesara leaflet.

If you are interested to know more about the Legion, contact the Parish Office: (408) 251-7055  (Email: Click Here).

NOTE: There is a beautiful website devoted to Our Lady maintained by the University of Dayton. It is called The Mary Page. Another link to Legion of Mary

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