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Fil-Am Catholic Association of St. Victor's

The Fil-Am Catholic Association of St. Victor's Parish was formed on December 13, 1974 to help the growing number of Filipino-Americans form into cohesive group so they could provide mutual support for one another as well as assist in the needs of the Parish. Over the years the association has sponsored novenas to Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the Santo Nino (Holy Child). It also has undertaken projects like the Filipiniana Night, Valentine Gala dance, Barrio Fiesta, Christmas caroling, Hawaiian Night, Barrio Fiesta, Valentine Gala Dance and Halloween Night for families and their children and Christmas Caroling. The activities the association has undertaken not only promoted unity among its members and provided material assistance to the church, but also help preserve the rich cultural values and religious traditions of the their native land. The funds generated through various activities of the association are distributed to the parish, the school, CCD, St. Vincent the Paul and other groups usually during the Valentine party in February.

Meetings are held at least once a month and members are expected to attend the meetings and all functions of the association. Usually meetings are held some time before important activities of the association. If you wish to know more about Fil-Am you may contact the parish office: (408) 251-7055  (Email: Click Here).

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