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Eastside Fish

Historically, the first branch of FISH (Friends in Service to Humanity) formed in England in 1961 and spread to the United States in 1964. Our local branch, EASTSIDE FISH, was established in late 1970 by a group of concerned Eastsiders who wanted to provide a service whereby those in need of help in an emergency situation could be put in touch with those who were willing and able to help. During the early 1970's FISH provided a 12-hour answering service and offered emergency transportation to doctors and hospitals, emergency baby-sitting, hot meals, company to the aged or shut-in, emergency groceries, and most of all-a sympathetic ear to people in trouble. St. Victor's parishioner, Clare Schrum, was very instrumental in the establishment of the EASTSIDE branch.

Today, due to a sharp decline in available volunteers, FISH operates a 4-hour answering service and provides emergency food only. However, through the years, we have fed thousands of people (about 4,000+ per year) and have helped numerous others find the help they needed.

While EASTSIDE FISH is a non-denominational organization and receives support from various churches in the area, St. Victor's has, through the years, been one of the primary contributors in both financial aid and volunteers. Thank You St. Victor's. Contact the Parish Office for more information: 408-251-7055  (Email: Click Here).

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