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Boy Scout troop 41

Troop 41's scouting program for boys ages 11 to 17 has been an integral part of St. Victor's ministry to the youth of the parish for over 35 years. Troop 41 began in 1941 in downtown San Jose, sponsored by St. Joseph's parish. The troop moved to St. Mary's parish for several years, and then finally to the Berryessa area and sponsorship by St. Victor's parish around 1962. Of the thirteen Scoutmasters in T41's past, seven have been active members of St. Victor's.

The troop's program has always been active and eventful for the hundreds of boys it has served. Each year from 25 to 40 boys, as well as 10 to 15 adult leaders, have been registered. The boys live in the Berryessa area and attend many different local schools. Annual Venture Crew trips involve the older boys and adult leaders in challenging outings, such as 50 mile backpack treks to Montana, Yosemite, and Henry Coe, and a 300 mile bicycle trip down the Oregon coast. The Boy Scout slogan, To Do A Good Turn Daily, is an important part of Troop 41's activities. Yearly service projects include assisting at St. Victors Festival, the Carmelites Fiesta, Christmas for a poor family, and many smaller scale efforts.

To date 56 boys have attained the rank of Eagle, and others are currently preparing for this highest rank in Scouting. The troop meets on Thursdays at St. Victors, and plans weekend outings around once per month. Interested members of St. victor's community may contact the Parish Office for further information - 251-7055  (Email: Click Here).

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