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St. Victor's Altar Society

The Altar Society is a group of generous women that provide the proper liturgical environment for an uplifting and prayerful celebration of the Sacraments. They take care of supplying simple and yet elegant flowers for the weekly celebration of the Eucharist. Thou art Going ForthThey decorate the altar on special occasions like First Communion, Confirmation and the school graduation. They will also provide flowers for memorial services when requested.

The Altar Society purchases and cares for the sacred linens, altar cloths, patens, cruets and other liturgical items. To be able to maintain a beautiful House of the Lord, the members do fund raising such as Calendar sale, bake sale and corsage sales. All the proceeds go to beautify the house of God.

. The success of the ministry of the Altar Society depends on the generosity and talents of its members. They are expected to be active, show personal interest in the work of the Society and attend all the meetings and to express their views. The annual retreat helps to lift the members' spiritual development and is open to all women of the parish. All are encouraged to serve on committees. Membership is open to all women of the parish. Annual dues for members are $5.00.

For further information contact the parish office: (408) 251-7055  (Email: Click Here).

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